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Building the Future of  
eCommerce Delivery 

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Faster & Cheaper eCommerce Delivery


SpeedX is a technology platform integrating with regional carrier ​networks that specialize in eCommerce delivery.


Powered by data and analytics, our platform enables shippers to turn ​the fast and reliable delivery experience into a competitive ​advantage.


One-stop integration gives users access to multiple delivery options ​in key US markets nationwide.

Increase Customer Loyalty


Delight your customers with faster delivery and ​an enhanced delivery experience.


SpeedX connects you to a delivery network that ​has been built to improve delivery speed, ​reduce cost and provide next-level visibility to ​you​r customers.

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Integrate & Go


SpeedX gives you a single point of integration ​that allows you to expand your delivery ​offerings in key markets throughout the US.


Let us do the heavy lifting, while you grow your ​business and exceed your customer's ​expectation​s.

Deli​very Coverage


SpeedX services more than 4500 zip codes in ​and around New York City, Los Angeles and ​Chicago.

These densely populated cities represent ~30% ​of the eCommerce orders placed nationwide.


Additional metro areas such as San Francisco,

Dallas, Atlanta and Miami are coming soon!

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Connect With Us


Text: (559) 5​50-0518

New Yor​k, NY 10001

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